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The central focus of Scatteredthoughts.net is to push creativity & invite visitors in to a place where they can be themselves. We serve as a voice of the voiceless. We believe that some of the best things in life happen randomly. We focus on reminding our audience that they aren’t alone. One of the reasons we call it “Scattered Thoughts” is because each person on this planet has certain thoughts that we feel nobody else can relate to.. This is the place to share those thoughts.

On this Blog, you can submit a piece about anything you want with no specific agenda being pushed. Our website is filled with blogs from various contributors who just want to be heard. Here you'll find pieces covering a wide range from personal stories/beliefs, an advice. The great part about Scatteredthoughts.net is that you, the audience; can also contribute to the website by submitting your own piece. Email us at ScatteredThoughtsdl@gmail.com to send your submission.