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5 am thoughts with G - @IAmGearyAndre

5 am thoughts with G - @IAmGearyAndre

I love so many women that I cannot possibly put anyone thru that stress..

I'm hard to love but easy to please.

I'm young but always looked into the future of longevity.. This generation that I am apart of killed a lot of hope and faith

Everything is for social media, I admit it first but I give anybody the real me with no secrets..does it have its flaws at time.? Yes, but does it make the other comfortable enough to gain a side of trust so fast..

This generation is a walking contradiction..

We want happiness but find something to question and find a reason to argue.

Having morals and respect doesn't exist

NEVER ever ever ever let your guard down.. I let my guard down so much it blinded me. The obvious wasn't obvious anymore. 

Stop Putting too much of someone else's weight on your shoulders..

You care too much about people who don't invest in the same energy in you as you do them.

In this process of finding yourself,happiness and peace of mind.

You will miss people but life takes you places much more than a friendship that was taken for granted 

Half the time it's just time. Something's aren't even your fault. Time and space isn't always on the same page.

Overthought so many scenarios that I started to believe them and idk where it came from..I could have swore i was my own man. 

Needed more tunnel vision and learn how to be so can one just stop being there for some people when you are the only one they have who supports you. 

One of the most influential relationships I had was with Sara.. She taught me that treating someone too good can force them to leave.

Relationships only scar people because of the wasted time. 

Maybe it's time to start over..go back to not knowing anything and letting the world tell its secrets instead of IG doing it. 

Beyond grateful for things. 

If I have to lose something to learn from it then so be it.. 

I cannot be there for everyone anymore. 

Writing this and trying to figure out which piece goes like putting a puzzle together.

5:30am thoughts to be continued…

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