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A Fathers Seed - @bears_are_real

A Fathers Seed - @bears_are_real

A father is supposed to be there

But where are you?

A father is just a title until you earn it

Just because you know how to fuck doesn't mean you know how to raise a child

The only thing you know how to raise was that whiskey bottle to your mouth

But yet I'm my fathers son

I don't know who you are but you pretend everything is so pleasant I haven't heard from you in years

Not even on my 18th did I get a call i wasn't even surprised that why I didn't shed any tears

You're wife said happy birthday to me but you're my father where the hell were you?

You fought for America but you can't fight to keep me in your life I haven't  seen half of my brothers and sisters and you stay pushing that glass up to the light

I look like you I know I do but now till the day I die I vow to not be like you

For one day when I have my children and they see me laying in my coffin  they will be proud of me and they will stand up and speak for me with the first words being "I'm my Fathers seed"

Searching for Satisfaction - @WeirdoInCharge1

Searching for Satisfaction - @WeirdoInCharge1

One Day I Will Matter - @stephtbh

One Day I Will Matter - @stephtbh