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It Hasn't Been Easy... - @gemelmcleod20

It Hasn't Been Easy... - @gemelmcleod20

 People can't relate to you on how you feel.
They can't understand your struggle or what goes through your mind
people tend to fake care or just talk bad about how you feel about someone.
I say fuck them do you & live & love your life .... be happy

 We all been let down,  took a L bounced back & had to change the way we do things around certain people at some point in our lives whether it's family , friends, we been hurt by their actions that happen.

 In Situations we don't think we just do it. Sex with others just for the hell of it or not or even not caring after a break up so you wanna be like everyone else and be a savage cause it's the only thing left you think there is to do & It's not, so still try to be yourself, even though it's hard as it is.

 Go with your gut feeling it will never let you down & don't ignore the signs we tend to be great at that. Everyone literally is scared to open to people and actually love someone. Ever ask yourself what's is love ? Who cares like you do? Or is it worth letting it be know how you feel about others? Where times you get in moods based off others actions ? Or life in general ... ya we all have been through those times but don't let it keep you down!!!

 Even though I never been in " love " I know how it's going happen I have a ideal I'm going to care about 1 female the one female that understands me and changes my view on such a shitty generation of loving and wanting that special soulmate. I been let down and played before but I'm still ME I have learned not to trust as easy as I did before but still have hope & faith.

 It hasn't been easy ....

 I learned that being single is fun when you don't care about much & just wanna enjoy the fun but as you get older & get asked how's your love life by family members who are with someone you see your family happy with a person that change them who they were the struggles & challenges they went thru & then it makes you wanna settle & build with someone & have that same happiness or even better in your own way but it's patience that is the key.

 Don't give up & give someone who cares a chance.

 Up at 3AM, writing this for Scattered Thoughts, finally.
Because I think the most during these times most people are sleep.

 The hardest thing to do is believe in a cruel cold hearted world that the person you putting your time and effort into isn't going play you. But remember;

Self love is important.
Being able to be friends first is important.
Honestly is important.
Respect is important.
Friendship is important.
Sex is important.

 As a whole we all need to do better, we all messed up, we all got hurt someway we don't live the perfect life but we can be more positive & supportive with each other.
It's not going be easy but it will be worth it in the end all you have is yourself and if you don't love you ... who will ?

 We all assume we all " got hoes " but most times we got no one ... most people don't check on you when you at your best or at your worse .... never give up & believe the man upstairs got you but this is what keeps me going and should also keep you going don't give up ... love is out there.

It'll get easier

Look At Where Life Brought Me... - @CWeezy710

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