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Wrote This One With You In Mind - @dawwniee

Wrote This One With You In Mind - @dawwniee

the feeling of talking to someone with a mind as open as yours is,

who matches your energy,

and has the same mindset as you,

is unmatched.


like you lived your whole life with blurry vision

and then you finally get glasses,

and suddenly you can see the small details

you never knew were there.


loving someone is hearing every word vividly

and spending all your free time finding new meaning in your life

based on prophecies y’all formed together

in your shared school of thought.


to love and be loved

is to fill a void you never noticed

until it was no longer there.


But the one who captivates and inspires you

Might not be the one you're meant to spend your life with

And if you only see them from time to time, 

You'll take what you can get

Because those who can inspire you to chase your wildest dreams with just one sentence are impossible to find

So if you beat the odds that were never in your favor, your soul will never let go. 


From then on,

every time you open your mind, 

You'll find a piece of them in it.


Like a tattoo, 

They'll always be embedded in your skin, 

Etched in scar tissue and ink,

Everlasting and permanent,

Words of wisdom that will leave you with the eternal feeling that anything is obtainable.


And that's why my favorite memories are our conversations.

I Am Enough - By: @RealLifeKiba

I Am Enough - By: @RealLifeKiba

don't drain me - @CheyIsDead

don't drain me - @CheyIsDead