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Book Recommendations by: @Targetmami

People are always so shocked to hear that I read for fun. Like educating yourself and expanding your vocabulary is SO uncommon, our generation actually thinks you're weird for it.
The truth of the matter is, reading sets your brain off. Whether it's sparking creativity or simply jump starting your thoughts on a day to day basis. Kind of common sense, no? You read, you're exposed to different thought processes, and you apply them to your everyday life. Simple.
So next time you get called a nerd for using big words, *laugh in intellect* and refer the naysayers to this blog for these book recommendations from yours truly.

1.  The Alchemist. -Paulo Coelho
If you ever want to humble yourself... Read. The. Alchemist. Trust me on this one. It's a cool 200 and some odd pages, but it's worth it.
Young Santiago embarks on a journey to the pyramids of Egypt to find life's true treasure and ends up finding a lot more than he anticipated on his way there.
It sounds silly but sometimes it's as simple as reading a book to remind yourself of how good your life is.


2.  Diary of a Fat Girl. -Moira Mugweni
My oh my. In this read, you meet Bernadette, a girl that just graduated high school and is trying to become a different person before she goes off to college. Bernadette is a dope shorty who just gets life. She's been through some stuff due to her weight so she's trying to make some changes. Relatable right ? Well kinda. Bernadette's journey comes along with prom drama, a red headed boyfriend that's in a band, and a daddy ass football player that helps her stay motivated throughout her weight loss adventure. Overall, it's a cool book to read because it's formatted as a diary so it doesn't drag into chapters.

3.  Embracing the Now : Finding Peace and Happiness in What Is. - Gina Lake
Title is pretty self explanatory. Now, I know some of us are more in touch with our spiritual side and on that meditation tip more than others. So when I say you really have to take the time to read this book. You have to WANT to read it. There's no story line. No drama. No fairytale ending. It's all about you and how to be in touch with your inner self. TBH, I read bits and pieces I really mess with every morning to get me off on the right note and set the vibe for my day. It can get a little confusing because of terms they use so if you decide to pick this up, don't say I didn't warn you!