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Anxiety - @xoJeks

Thoughts racing, palms sweating, heavy breathing, muscle weakness, trouble sleeping, overthinking; your mind and body refusing to cooperate, no matter what you know is rational. Anxiety. Does it get better or do we get used to it?



~I feel like anxiety comes from you thinking "this is who I am BUT that's how I should be". But no you have to accept who you are, just as you are. Build and work on yourself into becoming a better you, rather than pretending to be who you aren't. 

Anxiety is being scared and tired at the same time. 

~ Fear of failure and no urge to be productive.

~ Wanting to be alone but not wanting to be lonely.

~ Wanting more friends but hate having to socialize. 

~ Feeling overwhelmed, and then paralyzingly numb. 

DON'T tell someone with anxiety or depression to just stop worrying and be happy. That's like telling someone that has been stabbed to just stop bleeding. 

Think about this

  • You are important 
  • You aren't alone 
  • You have so much left to experience 
  • Your story is worth telling
  • Life gets better, pain is temporary. 
  • You will RECOVER. 

And last thing, if you feel a panic attack coming on try breathing to the sound of your heart beat; it works for me and who knows it might work for you. 

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