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Nothing is Promised - @Jeyceaa

Nobody ever tells you how hard it's going to get, how hard it's going to be.. They tell you all about the good, how liberating it is, how you'll be at peace once you get there but not at what expense: how much it'll hurt to find that peace and feel liberated, no one talks about that. We go through life anticipating and preparing for the future just to look back and wish we lived  in the moment. To turn back just “to feel a couple things twice”.. You hear about all the “fairytales”, the happily ever afters and all the happy endings but what about all the struggle, pain and tears that come before that? Or the nights where you can't sleep because nothing seems okay anymore and you don't know what else to do. No one tells you that there are no parachutes,or how hard rock bottom really is…… but that's because no one is supposed to. That's what growing up is all about. That's why no matter how much it hurts we still want it with everything in us because that feeling is amazing.. All the times where you thought “When will it end? When will it be okay again?” Are nothing compared to that happiness. To look back on the heartbreaks and the hurt and see the change and how far you've come is worth every bit of it.  So whatever it is that you're going through, just keep going….


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