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Friend Zone: Questions & Views - (By @HakaBakaFlamee)


Honestly, what does a guy have to do to win with women? Why does it take an asshole to show women that she is missing out on an opportunity to achieve happiness with a good man? Why does being nice not work for women? Personally, at this age (23), I think women may be genetically unbalanced. They want their cake and eat it too (basically EVERYTHING) which on this planet is typically not how things pan out. It's not realistic to want or have everything. In fact, it's idealistic.  

Women want pleasure, satisfaction, contentment, joy etc. but are afraid to allow those emotions display the best pathway to walk down. How can a female be comfortable speaking to a man that did nothing but uplift & support, love another man who's argumentative, shows no growth, & throws dirt in her face to seem cool around his homies? Why are women scared of being with a man that treats them right, but are bold enough to be with men who couldn't care less if they were dead or alive? Are they happy in a broken home? Are you satisfied living in an abandoned house as long as that house isn't torn down from the block? It confuses me.

Where is and who has the secret formula? Now that guy who you could've had good spirits with is living his life, carefree of stress & complications cannot help you through the flame because of the choices & actions you've made. I've experienced women that I was talking to that whom I'm no longer talking to, run back to me to tell me their problems & situations about the man they've been with after myself. I've also experienced friends of mine's women sprint to me cause my homeboy supposedly treated them badly so they feel comfortable telling their business expecting me to fix it. I don't have the answers.

So someone fill me in. I understand the concept of "he has a hard exterior so maybe I can change him" that some women think will work. The truth is, you won't be able to change him in any way, shape, or form. That man is who he is and the only one who will be able to successfully change him, is himself, no matter what method you think is effective. A man will show you his colors, it's up to women to decide if they are true crayola crayons. All I'm saying is women need to recognize when they have something good in front them. Acknowledge when a man is wanting to change your whole perspective on life. Happiness is life's goal. You'll be better off if you can envision an option with your mind comparatively than your sight.

Now, I know every guy or most dudes has/have been in this position. The position where you are interested in a female or multiple females because of her characteristics but she merely isn't into you. The feeling of liking a girl then getting rejected but they want to maintain a friendship is very.....awkward. (Personally, I feel like if I like you you should like me back, but that's just me).

It's happened to me plenty of times.  I've had chicks tell me "you're a great guy and any woman would be blessed to have you" to "I like you but I don't want to waste your time". That's something you never want. Once rejection has happened there's a couple roads you can take to get over it. (Do not FEAR this path you will take! If anything, welcome it!! Sometimes women do not recognize a good thing until after she's been hurt so many times and even then there's those times where she'll never see her own pain.) You can either let the zone knock you down and be sad (which can lead you to get a different type attention/approach from females) or look at it as a self-confidence builder while simultaneously lowering your own self-doubt to talk to other females. Either way you can possibly be a winner! How ever you end up in the friend zone, whether you get out of it or not, the best way to deal with the women who/that don't want you is OUTLOOK. A point of view changes everything. Attacking situations differently gets you a different outcome EVERYtime.

This audio down below got me a lot of attention on Twitter and people felt what I was saying. 

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