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Life Sucks - by:@Idntwearcondoms

Life sucks.

No I'm not sad or anything like that but think about. All the things u like in life are bad for u. Drugs, alcohol, raw sex with your followers (jokey joke). And even more, think of how wack all the things that are good for u are. Vegetables, really? If I wanted to be a Brontosaurus I woulda been born one.

They say the average life expectancy is like 80 but that's for plant eating, sober, go jogging at 6 AM white people. The life expectancy of anybody who not boring as fuck is 57. I like living, I hope we all do. But if not getting drunk, eating fast food and not fucking bitches in the ass is what I gotta do to live to be 80, i'm ok with going at 57.

Another thing, u go to school til u 18 (wack) work til u 55 (double wack) then retired and get a monthly settlement. At which point in life were u supposed to have fun? At 56? Hell u dying a year later lol.

I say that to say this... Life is about LIVING. Fuck rules, fuck eating what's healthy, do drugs get drunk and make bad decisions like normal Americans. You only get one life, don't waste it using condoms.


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One week in (16 things to do in Summer 16) .- @Chitown_Eazy

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