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One week in (16 things to do in Summer 16) .- @Chitown_Eazy

One week in (16 things to do in Summer 16) .- @Chitown_Eazy

We are officially one week into summer 16 and it already feels like it's going by quickly. So before you snooze and end up regretting not doing anything by the time the summer ends, here are 16 things you should try to do during summer 16. 

1.  Ice Cream date.

Go out for Ice Cream with ya boo, bae or whatever. Don't have one? Take a friend, niece, nephew or your parent.

2. Bike ride.

Don't be lazy. Summer bike rides are wavy and very relaxing.

3. Museum.

Go check out some art. Inspire your creativeness. 

4. BBQ as much as possible.

Possibly the best thing about the summer, BBQs! Go to as many as possible. Host some yourself.

5. Hit a day party.

Summertime day drinking. Nuff said.

6. Find a random event on Eventbrite and attend.

Wake up one day, look up an event and just go. 

7. Carnival.

If you have a younger loved one take them with you.

8. Comedy show.


9. Get on a boat.

Grab some people you fux with and get on a boat like Jay-Z on some Big Pimping shit. Live it up. 

10. Drink on a beach.

Night time or day time. Always an option.

11. Go to a music festival.

Go check out some artists you enjoy or artists you never heard of. Might stumble across some new shit you'll like.

12. Attend a parade.

Good entertainment.

13. Small road trip.

Book a hotel and visit a nearby city for a day or two with some of your folks.

14. Go to a pool party.

Always fun. 

15. Picnic.

Find a nice park, bring a blanket, some snacks, some liquor and a loved one.

16. Take a long walk. 

Dolo or with someone. I know this is the simplest one, but taking a nice stroll in the good weather will help you appreciate the summer and life in general. 

Do as many of these things you can and more and your summer should be dope. Now that you're done reading this get your ass up and start doing/planning shit, because before you know it the summer will be over, and we'll be back to trash ass winter.  


App's that may better your life: - @TheeSoat

App's that may better your life: - @TheeSoat

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