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App's that may better your life: - @TheeSoat

App's that may better your life: - @TheeSoat

Apps To Better You.. Hopefully.. After Reading This.

Now we all use our typical social media outlets, from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and i HEARD about something called tinder but i have no idea what that is..😆😅

I stayed up all night wondering what apps can i open and read more than i do or if not equivalent to Social media apps.

I was up just searching key words and reading from successful people, such as motivational speakers from Eric Thomas, Les Brown, to Will smith motivational videos, to Reading books like the alchemist and inspirational things about Confucious.

Then One Day my Best Friend Jelly Dropped a Link in a GC she said “ Read this then thank me later “. I know if she’s sharing something its something insightful and helpful or she has been motivated by it.

So the First thing i see is a link saying: 

- 5 mental shifts that allow you to do less but accomplish more

After reading this i realized that there has to be more to learn from. When it comes to learning I’m a sponge.

So to get back on track of “ Apps to Better You.” 

            No Order, these are apps i find useful.

1.  Dictionary. it can be to Merriam-Webster. 

2. iBooks ( Most slept on App on your iPhone) but make use of it if you’re not a fan of buying physical copies of books, Here you go. Imagine putting in as much time you do in learning and reading something than you do on Social media.. you might just be a genius.
3. To run off of #2 you can even substitute that with Podcasts. Some people learn better with Audio than visual learning, nothing wrong with that
                                    Suggestions ( All are Either on Soundcloud or iTunes) 

* Church For The Wild
* The brilliant idiots
* Tax Season
* Bodega Boys
* Ignorant Philosophy
* Scattered Thoughts
* Ill Name This Podcast Later
* IHopeYouHateThis

 4.  CardStar. You ever have a wallet that is filled with cards such as a Stop&Shop, Foot Locker Card, GnC, so on and so forth. Well download this app and your wallet will feel a lot lighter i promise you.

 5. Headlines. A more in depth CNN except for the “ what you want to hear “ they cover all aspects

 6. Personal Growth & Success

 7. Entrepreneur. Back to 5 mental shifts..

  • These 2 are for anybody who looks for cheap vacation flights and hotel’s and Incase you wanted to FLY OUT any body not that i know anything about that but yeah…here you go.

 8. Hopper. “When to Fly and Buy “


 9. SkyScanner.

     In no particular order, this is what i think helps me whenever i’m not using a social media app, If you have any apps that inspires you or you want to share for others

comment below.


Hope this helped..Spread more knowledge than negativity. 🙇🏾


No matter what, don't give up - (@StephTbh)

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One week in (16 things to do in Summer 16) .- @Chitown_Eazy