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Will is a Person's Ticket to Success - @BathingAfrican

One of the biggest problems facing society today is a lack of hope and meaning. Take a look around you and you'll see a world where there's no right or wrong, where love and hate breathe the same air. Yet it's where we wake up everyday; it's where we live. Wherever we run, wherever the sun finds us when it rises, we'll always be stuck with ourselves. For some people this can be overwhelming. 

One promise life gives us is that everything in this world will fail us eventually. Whether it's trusting someone or falling in love, when you're left with a broken heart your scars will tell the same story. Pain, hate, beauty, entropy, love - you mix these things together and you get life. There's a cycle you can stay in, one you can break and one you can use to make sure you never end up in that same cycle again. The one choice that always remains is where we go in order to find meaning, truth and hope.

All of the biggest failures, misfortunes and disappointments in my life have led me to look past what money and power or even what friends can buy. When you've hit rock bottom and existence feels like a nightmare, you’re faced down at the very core of who you are. In this broken place, our lives can finally be seen for what they truly are.There are no formalities or presence to cling to. All of your masks fall off. We are no more no less; but we are ourselves. So the question remains; what happens when the Twin Towers of your life collapse on you? Do you become consumed with resentment and hate or do you get up in search of redemption? I've seen both sides and only one is beautiful.

Me, Myself, & I...Sometimes - (@Cierraanise)

No matter what, don't give up - (@StephTbh)