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Me, Myself, & I...Sometimes - (@Cierraanise)

Self Improvement is a major key to becoming successful, word to Khaled. When I say success, I'm not talking business, it's all within..

"It's all about self." Those are 4 words I won't ever forget because they struck me, hit home if you would. Sometimes, you have to be selfish, worry about only you, be a better you, do things FOR YOU!!! My dance coach, shoutout to IDZ and Shauree, she always reminds us that dance isn't just having fun, it's actually way deeper than that. I've been using dance as a "healer" from stress & pain that goes on behind closed doors that I wish were open, but it only takes me to open them.

My only obstacle is myself. Im my strongest opponent and once I overcome myself, & my fears, then nothing can really stop me. That's the same for everyone too. I've learned that once you stop letting people get too into your head, you'll finally then be able to fight your own discouraging thoughts.

Everything you do, make it your own, if you don't better yourself by the end, then what did you do it for really? Because in reality, you just wasted time and energy that you could've used for something valuable *clears throat* yourself.

Some may not like it when I take time & do shit solely for me;

But the only person I'm looking for validation from is myself.


I know people who will stay on my team and support me no matter what. In the end though, there'd be no purpose for a support system if I can't find the strength to support my damn self. I need to be the leader of my own team, my own corner.

Being there for myself is actually more important than being there for everyone else sometimes. I have to balance the weight of my own tears before being someone else's shoulder to cry on. Mama ain't raise no bitch though, so don't think I just be crying all the time.

I've learned that someone has something negative to say about you going on your own creative/self finding journey, and you're starting to do shit for the benefit of you and you're accepting yourself, fuck em... That's it, don't give anyone the satisfaction of having your attention, it's nowhere close to being worth it. If you're not attached to them at the hip, then it doesn't matter what anyone has to say at this point.

Your self journey has a max attendance of 1, yourself. No one can think for you, so do everything and anything you can think of to be truly happy with yourself! Make it about you. Say yes to yourself even when you're surrounded by a bunch of No's.

Do shit for you for once, just make sure you don't bullshit, cheat, or half ass yourself throughout the process

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