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Overcoming Struggle - @BathingAfrican

I think one of the most important things I've learned in my life is to run the marathon at my own pace rather than give my all to the sprint. And all I mean by this is that you shouldn't let little things that happen daily, little setbacks, little misfortunes hinder and cast a shadow over the happiness that you can obtain  throughout a whole year. I've been learning about struggle lately and I've realized that a lot of the time people seem to forget that every temptation is an opportunity to either fail or succeed. 


 One way or another, you'll become yourself, you'll become who you're meant to be. It might take a lifetime of practice and one thing about practice is that it can be awkward. Practice is a struggle. Ask a weightlifter how they got their incredible strength and they'll tell you "I struggled to get here." You ask my African American people where we got our amazing resilience, they'll tell you "Through struggle." Humans are, lol, we're really interesting creatures. A fish doesn't need swimming lessons and a horse learns to gallop and run within a few days of birth. Yet when you look at people like you and I, it takes us years to learn how to walk and even longer to talk. Whether you rise or fall, struggle is a reminder that wherever you are in life you're still moving forward. 


 Whenever you're feeling down, whenever you feel enveloped in a blanket of pain, stress and hopelessness take a look around and you'll see that in our failures we are never alone. There is no path worth walking where you come out unscathed, where you clime and don't fall down a few times. These broken bones will only heal stronger. These scars create the skin we hide behind. Hope isn't a substitute of struggle or pain, hope still stands in spite of pain and pain is just a reminder that we're still alive.

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Keep Growing - @californiayyye_

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