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Don't Get Too Comfortable - @californiayye_

Don't Get Too Comfortable - @californiayye_

I got too comfortable. I got complacent. I got passive. I let the voices take over. Somewhere I lost Amani. Somewhere I became a replica. A replica that didn't smile as much, only upon request. A replica that slept much of the day away but not because I was tired. A replica that allowed days to pass by one by one.  A replica that allowed the once broken cycle to mend itself and continue like it hadn't ceased. 

The name of the game is "Don't get too comfortable." Never get too comfortable. A beautiful person I met recently explained to me something that I will use in my daily life:

"Look at the woman you always want to be and compare it to who you are now. Figure out which part of you is causing the delay of you becoming one with yourself. And change it. Always work to improve."


As much as I preach to OTHERS, as the days go on it gets harder and harder to follow my own advice. It gets harder and harder to remember that to not feel sick I need to take my medicine. It gets harder and harder to remember that the hardships I'm experiencing right now are all apart of God's greater plan. It gets harder and harder to fully understand that I control my happiness. My happiness is based on ME. It gets harder and harder to remember that I cannot change or force a man to love me. I love hard and not everyone is worthy of my love. 

When I remember however...

It'll get easier to remember that taking my medicine with a dash of therapy will foster change in myself. It'll get easier to follow my own advice because I see it manifesting in those around me. Life will never go as I think all the time. God is bigger than me. His plans are greater. What he has in store for me is nothing I've ever imagined. Remembering the little and big things will truly work together to foster the change that will bring about an Amani to be proud of. 

Don't get too comfortable. Never be comfortable being stagnant. Change as much as you can. Change is good. It is not something to be shy away from. Go towards change, embrace it. 

Peace. Love. Happiness. 

- Amani. 

You Want Supporters?? - @AMzooted

You Want Supporters?? - @AMzooted