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The Book Of Life... - @Joey_Eiland

Life has it’s ways of tearing us down and presenting us with difficult situations. Some physical, some mental, but all, in their unique ways are difficult. It’s easy to let the current situation consume you. It’s easy to say “Fuck it” and just wallow in the sadness. The thing that is hard to comprehend in the moment is that life is just a book. A chapter book, a chapter book that doesn’t end until you, the author of the book end.


Each chapter of “The Book of Life” consist of phases in the author’s life. The sadness that you felt when you were a kid and came to the realization that the tooth fairy was really just you’re parents didn’t last forever did it? No, that sadness soon went away and was lost in the bottomless pit that is the human brain.


The greatest part about life being a chapter book means that once the sad chapter is over.. Well, it’s over. And the situation that brought you the severe sadness most likely won’t bring you into that realm again. Now, I know this is all seems like random gibberish, but if you think about it this can motivate you. Just know, that life is a chapter book and until you stop breathing, your book isn’t finished.


All in all, life can be trying, but keep in mind that sadness is seasonal. You won’t be sad forever, that’s just a chapter in the unique book that is YOUR life. So, make sure you live every day with creative control of YOUR life. Do things that YOU would be proud of once your book flashes before your eyes and you’re lowered into that casket. Always remember, life is just a book.

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