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Smoke In the Mirror.. - @IAmGearyAndre

 I met someone who was trapped.. Nobody can save him but himself..
I was confused when he said that..

Looking at the mirror from the other side..

Everyone who has a smile or is always positive is showing you a side
of them that motivates them to do better, everyone that smiles isn't
happy it's just a puppeteer of depression playing its role..

You would have thought I was a magician how I cover up my
depression..throw a smoke bomb once and you see me laughing and
smiling you throw another one, and you see my demons following my
every step like a shadow.. 

Trapped in my mind giving positivity and logic out but who's giving it
back to me..? Isn't it the circle of life? If I'm working on my good
karma when do I get the reward or prize..? I start questioning a lot
of things from life to my next move.. Am I suffering from something or
just being a human being.

people say "how can you be so depressed or down when i'm here in your life" but most of the time it has nothing to do with you it's a me thing. understand and be there. Don't force a pass when theres a double team waiting behind it..

Either I diagnosed myself or
My mind is in Purgatory ( - a place or state of suffering inhabited by
the souls of sinners who are expiating their sins before going to

but I don't know if I'm heading to heavens gates or the Devils door
step.. Half the time my mind is so fucked up.. I wish I could put my
mind In airplane mode or do not disturb. Just to calm the storm of
negativity clouds.


 Maybe I'm forcing the pen to draw my thoughts out like I'm outlining.

Not everyone is a warrior, people have feeling's and go through more than shown.. 

Just because you don't see the tree fall doesn't mean it never fell..

Nothing's ever as it seems.. 

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