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It's Just A Way of Life - (@B_MoreAmbitious)

It's Just A Way of Life - (@B_MoreAmbitious)

Rip to all our fallen , your names will not be forgotten

Life is a rough wave , we lose the ones we love , and it seems like everyday is just another person gone forever . But you can't let that break you down , you have to stand your ground and build off of everything .

When I was a freshman in high school I lost my best friend , he was a grade bellow me and he was turning 14 in 2 weeks . We made plans for that night but I bluffed and went over this shorty house , I still regret this to this day .. I texted Mike around 3 or 4 and told him we should chill the next day and to be safe tonight . What I didn't know is that it would be the last time I speak to someone I looked at as my little brother .

That night I went home and got on Facebook , and I'm seeing all these posts , get well, hope your ok, etc . I'm like man wtf , what could of happened ? I was finally told he drank four loko with some friends and when he got picked up that night he threw up while the car was turning . He opened the door , fell , and while trying to get up was hit by oncoming traffic . It sucks not knowing what's going on , being told someone will be ok they're in shock trauma , but then you find out they're gone . Forever . When I found out I  it was the first time I ever begged to God , begged for this to be some sick joke , just a dream , something . Then I find myself at his funeral just Iooking over a casket and seeing a lifeless face , that doesn't  even look like him. I couldn't get the image out of my head . Someone who brought so much joy to our lives , gone , and we can't do shit about it . It hurt , and it hurts still today .

A few nights later I have this dream. Me and my mom driving down the same road the accident happened , I looked back and saw Mike, I couldn't believe it . I was in so much shock , and he told me he needed a ride up the road . Once we got to the spot where He got hit he told both me and my mother that were under his watch now . Then he just disappeared . I swear I replay this dream in my head almost everyday .

I think we take things for granted more then we think . We don't fully appreciate someone until it's to late . We live with burdens that we allow to eat at us . "Why weren't you there" "you could've helped" , but it's not our fault ... We can't put blame on ourselves . It's hurts us worse . It'll put you in a place where darkness surrounds you , can't eat , can't sleep , can't talk , can't think , shit you even feel like you can't live ... But you can't give up ... We're here to live for our fallen , to remember the names . We will live forever , our bodies will be gone , but our names will not be forgotten .

Rip Michael Truluck . Long Live Bee Stevenson .

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Fear of Adulthood- @BurritoDevil

Fear of Adulthood- @BurritoDevil