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Deeper Than the Headlines.. - @CadellO_

Deeper Than the Headlines.. - @CadellO_

Running down the street and I can't look back

If I wait even one second I will feel the heat on my back 

I trip and fall and hear "Don't Move!"

If I try to get up but it might be my life that I lose 

As I lay on the ground and scream "Don't Shoot!"

He calls three other cops over that decide what to do 

They speak about me as if I'm not there 

It's the color of my skin, it's why they don't care 

I'm aware that my people have done wrong  but why can't we all mix together and get along 

The cop kneels on the down and puts the gun to my head 

"Please don't shoot man , please man I beg!"

"I have kids out there , a family that needs to be fed!" 

Who knows why they had to put me down 

It's the anger in them that's why I'm not around 

So we all should put prayer up for me 

My names mike brown 


They say we are equal 

But I don't see it 

They say we are respected 

But I don't see it 

Who could see in a place so dark 

The cold hearted world that it is 

It's so dark they can't see the pigment in my skin 

We have kids who starve out there but they want to spend money for a wall 

We have debt and bills to pay in this country 

We have kids who are on the streets struggling to survive 

But do they care not at all 

They rather have us struggle to survive 

Then to strive on the roof tops with them 

The light always rises above the dark 

Why doesn't the dark come first 

Why doesn't the dark bleed less 

They brought us to this country and they refuse to feed us 

Not even just the food for our stomach 

But they don't feed our starvation for respect or equality 

Will my kids kids live the same way 

And on my knees to Jesus I pray 

That peace will exist in this century 

And my grandkids could walk the streets without a single glare 

Not only my people that I care 

For all people that I see 

I feel violence shouldn't exist at all 

Us as the U.S people violence should fall 

No more troops across the seas 

No more guns and war please 

Just peace 

Dire Summer - Lebert Lester III

For Everything - (@cierraanise)

For Everything - (@cierraanise)