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Let them demons inside yourself go.. By: @Gemelmcleod20

Let them demons inside yourself go.. By: @Gemelmcleod20

I bottle my feelings too much inside and I’ve been in such a dark place at times with things I don’t speak on

as much and everything hits me at once but I really never let it show and as I act like I’m fine at times

I’m not I’ve gone thru so much shit over the last two years most things

like family stuff and  unexpected loss of a great friend who I always considered my brother that Ive

known since diapers also becoming a man trying to burn bridges with my past

To be a good friend, brother, uncle boyfriend or son

I want nothing but the best and I apologize if sometimes it seems I don’t care for others problems at times

That can be selfish of me but because I have my own things going on

sometimes I find myself shutting down or even feeling a random tear falling down at times with these demons inside bottled up.

because I want everyone I love or anyone I’m around that I don’t really know also to be good even before myself I don’t ever love giving up on anything or anyone I care about 

We live and we learn and sadly we eventually loose people we love and care about.

I’m not perfect but at times I just have to accept the fact I can’t make everyone happy

My feelings be hurt but I never was the type to show it and here I am showing it ... 

I always freely give love to people even if it’s not reciprocated I don’t expect anything from giving something that doesn’t have a price on it but I do know in the end that love will come back to me in some way.

And this is me 

 releasing some of these demons out of the body..

The illness that won the war.. written by: @IAmGearyAndre

The illness that won the war.. written by: @IAmGearyAndre