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2016 Grammys... More than just another award show - (@Amir2Real)

Ladies & Gentlemen, boys & girls, Twitter niggas & Twitter honeys alike, if you do not already know who I am, I go by the name of Amir & this is my first blog so SHUT THE FUCK UP... And enjoy... Now I wanna save the best for last so I'm gonna start this by congratulating The Weeknd on his 2 Grammy wins. I personally loved Beauty Behind The Madness but I can't listen to it anymore cuz I get mad depressed thinking about what's her name (yeah we gon call this girl “what's her name” throughout my posts if she comes up again)... Anyway, his album is great and his wins were well-deserved, you a bitch if you think otherwise & I KNOW The Weeknd has a large fanbase nowadays that were happy to see him go home with some gold so shoutout to the #AbelBodies (That's what I call Weeknd's fanbase sorry handicapped people no offense). His performance was dope & another great showcase of his raw vocal talent. On to the next subject, I won't talk about this one that long but I feel it should be recognized so I'm bringing it up... John Legend & Demi Lovato BODIED their performances during the Lionel Richie tribute & there's no debating that fact at all. Here's one BIG problem I noticed quite a few of you crybabies had about the Grammys though... I'm talking to none other than you annoying ass bitch ass whiny ass J. Cole fans... It seems that ever since his fame reached new heights with the release of 2014FHD that y'all feel he's more underrated than ever, right? WRONG. The dude was 1 of 2 rap artists to go platinum in 2015 and the only rapper in the last 25 years to go platinum without a feature on his album. And because he didn't win rap album of the year, y'all were bitching like somebody punted a puppy through a field goal or some shit. Don't get me wrong... I love J. Cole & I loved the album but there's no way in Hell he deserved that award considering who his competition was *cough* Kendrick *cough*... Regardless shoutout J. Cole & his dope ass album even though St. Tropez & Hello were incredibly shitty songs, the rest of the album was pure fire. I love his music, I just hate his fans nowadays. Now let me give a real quick shoutout to Justin Bieber for winning his first Grammy, he actually had quite a few solid tracks on his album even though I don't think Where Are U Now is one of them (Don't @ Me bitch ass niggas) which is the song he won it for. Real quick congratulations to Ed Sheeran too cuz he's really that nigga for winning a Grammy for the best love song of all time with Thinking Out Loud (Again... Don't @ Me) & I REALLY fucked with his album “x” so that was definitely well-deserved too. Now let's talk about Taylor Swift real quick, she definitely threw shade at Kanye for his “I made that bitch famous” line when she accepted the award for album of the year. In case you live under a rock, Kanye said that line in his new song “Famous” off that whack ass TLOP album (3rd time... Don't @ Me). It's already been confirmed that Taylor knew about that line before he dropped the album so what's with this woman? Does she really think she needs more attention than she already has? Is she just a hating ass woman who wants people to hate Kanye West more than they already do? I'll never know... And yes, Beyonce did have the best video so fuck her. NOW onto the grand finale... The moment I'VE been waiting for... Kendrick Lamar's wins & performance...

My nigga took home 4 Grammys, dominating the rap genre, beating J. Cole, Nicki Minaj, Kanye West, Big Sean & even Drake out for every one of them. Y'all don't know how hype I was when he stepped up on stage & said “This for Hip Hop, this for Snoop Dogg, Doggystyle. This for illmatic, this for Nas. We will live forever believe that!” He so true to the culture he shouted out artists & albums that SHOULD have won Grammys & let the world know that Hip Hop ain't going nowhere. Then he hit us with the best Grammy performance by any rapper ever later that night. I KNOW it had an impact cuz a few racist family members of mine had the nerve to say “why is he being racist & talking about whites & bringing up what they do to black people?” cuz that's the kinda shit racists don't wanna hear about, the cold hard truth. That kinda reaction is exactly the kinda reaction that lets you know he's accomplishing something bigger than rap... His performance was so unapologetically pro-black & showed mad love to the African culture that I'm certain it's gon burn in the mind of racists all over the country for a long time. I originally blocked the Grammys on Twitter in 2014 for snubbing GKMC & giving all the rap awards to trash ass Macklemore but they earned my respect again for allowing Kendrick to do what he did on that stage. Whether or not you love or hate Kendrick, you can't deny that his performance was something great to behold. You seen them white peoples faces after he was done??? You already know all kinds of N-Words & other racial slurs were all over their minds & I couldn't be happier about it cuz they KNOW they can't say it out loud with their nonexistent lips & shit (no offense to my white homies, I know y'all not racist so y'all should know I'm not talking about y'all). With that being said I hope they don't blackball him or kill him since... You know... That's what they usually do to black people with a voice like the cowards they are. So yeah, that's my whole overview of the 2016 Grammys. I hope you hated it cuz you can't whoop me anyways & I live solely to piss you off. But if you liked it I salute you cuz that mean you a real nigga... #DLeagueForever ... God bless & I'm out... 

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