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PBRNB The New Sound - @Kendrakenotnice

Nowadays R&B has changed a lot and it diverted into different styles and ways.
Artists like PARTYNEXTDOOR, The Weeknd, Majid Jordan, SAFE, Amir Obe and Lais plus more all got different styles but they are under the term or genre PBR&B it’s a new sound, wave ,genre whatever you call it, people also call it alternative R&B.
It’s basically a sound of rapping and singing mixed together with a great or simple production you got the likes of Eric Dingus, Illangelo, CRVE, Ill-e and Elias Sostre plus more all produce beats or sounds that are dark and wavy. 
Drake actually started this wave with Take Care he mixed rap with R&B and landed a Grammy winning album and DVSN are also bringing back the old R&B which is great and also different because most of these artists sound alike these days but that’s not the main point, the main point is that this new sound is staying and it already started, its thriving unbelievably and improving like no other which I think people should have more interest in it and I think the music industry should be more concerned about it because they don’t have awards for that genre “PBR&B”. 
This genre also gets so much hate for no reason for an example Bryson Tiller received a lot of hate because his music was repetitive quality I find this unfair and people should not hate for no reason also another point is that I think people should respect this new sound and give these new artists a chance and I know it is difficult to adapt to this new sound but try it and it is definitely worth it .

PBR&B is the new sound and its staying.

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