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Views album review

You know who it is, matter fact you prolly don't cuz it's been so long since I was on my blog tip nh but the streets asked me for a Views album review so I'm here on behalf of the drake fans to break this shit down for y'all. I go by the name Dame or iDWC and when u see that name on ya TL respeck it. Let's get to it.

Keep the family close -
This a dramatic ass intro lmao at first listen I thought this nigga Drake was gonna waltz right thru my iPhone screen with a white girl on some Save The Last Dance shit lol. Much different from the Drake intros in the past but I ain't mad at it, much better than Legend  ((thanks PND))). Good song, reminds me of my old bitches. 9/10

9 -
I ain't mad at this song but unbiasedly the only part I LOVE is those 15 seconds where he goes "keychain go jangalang, I wanna do major thangs, MJ in every wayyyy I just don't fade away" and so on and so forth. Nice concept, lazy song tho. 8/10

U wit me? -
This the joint all the niggas born in 1979 gonna hate even tho it's fire cuz drake used an old school rappers sample. Sorta like how they hated "Wu Tang Forever" off NWTS. Drake samples DMX's "How It's Goin Down" off of Its Dark And Hell is Hot... And of course "what these bitches want from a nigga". Moving past the sample this is a Drake-like song. He's talking to his past women missing them all like a real nigga. The beat switch up at the end was dope too. Top 3 songs on the album, reminds me of my old bitches. 10/10

Feel No Ways -
Okay this song is the "Hold on we're going home" of Views. I personally have it at least top 7 off the album. I could see how on first listen u count this song out. Make no mistake, it's fire. This shit sound like Drake sampled Roll Bounce or some shit. This that joint u gotta text to your old bitch u really don't care about anymore cuz she always lying, but u keep her around anyway cuz that pussy might be yanking.... Or so I heard. Anyways 9/10

Hype -
I just wanna say I wish this song was called "Done". As in "I'm done with that meek shit". But drake did his thing here. We get to see cocky drake on this record. This like a "me against y'all" record. And also one of the few "just rap" songs on the album. The bars and flow here nice as hell. It's dope, top 5 to me. 9/10

Weston Road Flows -
Another classic drake feel type of track. This reminds me of "Draft Day". Drake reflecting back on things that no one but him and Kevin Durant could relate to. Best line of the tape is on this song, "shit ain't always how it seems (seams) when it's so (sew) together", oh and then he proceeded to tell the lil homie Tory Lanez "calm down lil nigga". So that was fire. Top 3 off the album 10/10

Redemption -
Did I use all my "top 3" slots yet? If not, this record is definitely top 3 off views. This like if that girl from Marvin's room got a new phone number and drake finessed it somehow 5 years later. This the perfect song to text one of your old bitches when they tryna act like they moved on for real by having a baby or getting married.  10/10

With You ft PND -
So I get to this song and I'm like man I really like all the music so far, is drake ever gonna miss? I found my answer on this song. This shit sound like it could be playing in the background when u fight on the beach on Tekken 3 or some shit. If I ever see PND I'm doing a citizenโ€™s arrest on his ass for "attempted studio time". Worst song on the album. Drake part okay tho. 5.5/10 (.5 coming from PND)

Faithful -
First off RIP Pimp C. What his verse had to do with this song idk, but I ain't mad at this at all. Who DVSN is idk, but I don't hate his part and he ain't ruin it so I guess he dope. Not one of my favs tho... But it's put together
better than "9" so Ima give it a 8.5/10

Still Here -
Another rare, all rap song from Drake on Views. Love this song, top 7 no doubt. The beat fire and the chorus might be the best one on the album. Only thing I knock here is the same thing I knock about "Hype" stop talking bout Meek. He delivered tho. 9/10

Now see I ain't hear this joint until the album dropped. I skipped over the leaks. So this like a one dance remix to me. Ain't mad at it, love the vibe. I get the whole branching out your audience thing, but did we really need two One Dances on the same album back to back? 8/10

One Dance-
When I first heard this I was like "lol wyd drake?". By the third listen  I was hooked. This that joint where u lift up your cup of $5 E&J and pretend u have Henny for the one dance. This Controlla 2.0 or Controlla is One Dance 2.0 either way. 8/10

This the joint alotta ppl didn't like or said Future ruined it. I love this song and I think Future had the best part. No doubt this a WATTBA throwaway, but it works. This is the "Worst behavior" of Views and Future went dumb. Simply put, 8.5/10

Child's Play-
This joint starts off with a 2011 Twitter "your girl a hoe if" sample lol. This joint cool, but it ain't one of the top 17 songs of the album. Didn't even know this was supposed to be like "Practice" off Take Care until like 20 spins. I like Drake stripper anthems, but Ima give this one a 7/10.

Pop Style -
Another joint ppl called wack that I didn't understand why. Don't really care for the beat, but Drake goes dumb on the second verse. Took Ye and Hov off, Wish he woulda left Ye verse and just added his second verse. This def in the middle of the pack as far as songs of this album go... 8/10

Too Good-
AKA "Work 2.0" not mad at this one. This the shit u text to your old bitches when they start posting relationships goals. Drake goes all Drakey on here "I feel like the only time u see me is when u turn your head to the side and look at me differently"... Make sure to text that to ya ex ASAP. Drake and Rih got another one. 8.5

Summer's Over Interlude-
Smooth ass interlude. Definitely the best interlude on the album. For serious. 9/10

Fire and Desire-
This how u start to wrap up an album. The whole vibe of this song is nice. This that shit u gotta text to one of your new ladies, don't waste these lyrics on your old work. If ya girl looking over ya shoulder as u read this just say "hahaha what other bitches?? Man iDWC crazy" anyways I dedicate this song and entire blog to her. You know who u are.
๐Ÿ’Ž  9.5/10

Title track. Not a "Lord Knows" by any means, but it is the "6 PM in NY" of the album. This top 4 songs on the tape. The beat fire and Drake talking calmly over it, almost as it were an afterthought. The album ends on a somewhat darker tone, kinda how it started. 9.5/10

Hotline Bling-
I won't rate this only cuz it's like 10 months older than the other songs.


Overall it's a 9/10 to me. In a years time I can't see this being ranked anywhere lower than his second or third best body of work. So if u rated this album a 6, turn it upside down. Okay thanks, if you're reading this it's too late! Y'all be bool and make sure u don't let me know what u thought about this review!


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