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"Silent War: Part One" x @CurlzWithTheK

"Silent War: Part One" x @CurlzWithTheK

Silent War: Part One... Two Coming Soon

Silent War: Part One

Standing there as I watched him walk away from afar. My heart so heavy, so confused. So sore. He strayed away in the wrong direction. My body was ready to collapse, ready to give up. Hating him would be my only protection.
As I thought about honeymoons and children, he thought about females and penetration. Never did I think you’d leave me in the dark, never did I think you’d break me so far apart, from myself.
All I could think of was what I did wrong, what I could’ve fixed; but baby even if I tried, you already threw yourself in the mix, of woman with no desire to return.
I knew for sure that moving on, if you ever came back; my love you’d have to earn.
I held on so tight, palms bleeding. The rope of our relationship was breaking and I couldn’t fix it. Thinking, should I let this go? Or keep holding on tighter? Palms still bleeding.
Pain running so deep I never thought my days would get any brighter.
Wedding bells ringing and I thought I was going crazy, room was spinning, but I was just standing.
I’m so sick to my stomach, I’m so exhausted from this war…

Part 2 coming soon...

✨Kadesha Nicole Hunter✨

"Silent War: Part Two" - @CurlzWithTheK

"Silent War: Part Two" - @CurlzWithTheK

"Home" -(@PaulTheEsquire)

"Home" -(@PaulTheEsquire)