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Are Relationships Dead? - @IAmGearyAndre

Are Relationships Dead? - @IAmGearyAndre

Hi, I am Geary Andre Former S.O.A.T if you don't know what that stands for. It Doesn't even matter cause that Phase is over.

If you're thinking of this everyday than you should read these 10 Ways Why Relationships Could Be Dying.

  1. People Fear Being Alone.

Anybody would like to have someone there for them.

2.              Perks of being single v.s Not being single

someone who’s there for you & supportive vs multiple people and confusion in one’s role in a situationship.

#3 Major Key 🔑

3. Possibility of finding true love and the risk of not finding it or better known as “ Fool’s Gold “

Fool’s gold - you dedicating time to something or someone and you thinking you hit the jackpot but haven’t.

4. Accepting one’s flaw doesn’t mean settling for them.

5. Temporary happiness V.s Longevity

Temporary happiness can happen for example after a breakup. Longevity is actually dealing with one’s flaws and make them a better person than you knew once you met them thru the good and bad.

6. Sadly enough; people don’t even wanna date anymore.

7. Most people force it. For whatever reason and Don’t let time show reveal itself.

8. Exceeding the expectations of the other or other(s). *Talk more about this in TRY THIS!*

9. Never settle if you’re not ready to bring anything to the relationship.

10. Social media is a escape route for insecurities to rise and has lowered the trust level due to social media ( Likes, RT’s, Certain conversations of topics)

People are scared to invest in time in someone mentally, physically, and even emotionally, i don’t even blame you. Nobody wants to waste time that they will/Can never get back.

Too many people have requirements that they may not even meet themselves.


Next time you’re around a group of friends have a conversation of what kind of person they want or need to have. Just notice how nobody says what they bring or give to someone or why someone should want them, no details on how they’re going to keep that relationship going. Most people have a “ i want her/him mentality “ but once you get him/her now what??

People usually are scared to fall in love because it is that variable that trying to find x in a math equation.

Some people sadly can't compromise with others. They want a loving relationship but want to control everything in the process..



Traits to build a healthy relationship:


  1. Honesty

  2. Trust

  3. Respect

  4. Willingness to better yourself

  5. Longevity of support

  6. Genuine appreciation

  7. and make your partner a better person!!

Some of you read that list like “ yup thats me i'm all of that”  when in reality what you think you’re may not be what is shown to your partner

So ask yourself Are Relationships Dead? or People just Give up on building to make one happen..

Breakups and Insanity- @Chitown_Eazy

Breakups and Insanity- @Chitown_Eazy