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Downfall Of Happiness You Question.. - @IAmGearyAndre

Where did it can one predict a downfall before the
storm..predict the good weather to a bad storm.. Pushing one in a
corner where the walls are suffocating.. Why can't you just settle
with the person instead..of trying change them.. Am I god?! No! So
stop trying to change one for perfection when he wasn't perfect

Half the time we just Lost in the world soulless..roaming for
happiness.. I've preached what I wanted.. Had it and tried to keep
preaching like the point was to find more than expected.. You can't
find Copper and turn it into gold..

Now the change is what's in our history and most of the time history
is going to be changed.. But the scars of the wounded are still felt..

Love is crazy,

makes you do things that you heard of in 90's RnB
songs.. But look stupid doing in 2016.. Willing to stop hiding true
potential of love instead of holding a could be beautiful
if one knew how to possess it and keep the fire burning of its
passion..we've heard stories of happiness and love an try to duplicate
 it off that cause we don't know where to look for it nor the nucleus
of it

I've learned that whenever I write is when I've lost someone and
haven't found a way to gain them back..and have to write more about
the good times..

Express your feelings for her forget a social media take the
unimaginable and make it imaginable for her.. At the end of the day
true love exist when you coexist with the happiness..

They will always try to mold you into what they want and not built off
what you already have.

Questioning something good will only leave your conscious eating you
alive and you living with regrets.

 we all have different Ways of cooking the batch of love up.. Just to
present it the same way.

 "Sometimes you have to stop thinking so much & just go where your
heart takes you."

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