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Breakups and Insanity- @Chitown_Eazy

Breakups and Insanity- @Chitown_Eazy

"I believe whatever doesn’t kill you, simply makes you…stranger.."-  The Joker.



Breakups are one of the toughest things to go through in life. But, regardless of how much pain you're going through during a break up it's not going to kill you. But, to reference Heath Ledger it can make you stranger.. Not stranger in a you like unfrosted pop tarts kind of way, but in a way that it can change your frame of thought. You can be so hurt by a breakup that it can blind you from doing what you know is really right. If you get into a bad car crash, it wouldn't be wise to hop behind the wheel right away would it? You might want to give your self time to recover physically and mentally. Well, think of break ups that way. But, Why don't we take our time after a break up? Why do we rush into the next thing?

I know why. It's cause you'll hurt. You can't wait to stunt on your ex. Fellas, you are going to get a badder bitch with a fatter ass. Ladies, you are going to get a taller, buffer, better looking nigga and show him ain't you girl? But let me tell you after having this mentality a time or 4, it's really not worth it. Do not rush into ANYTHING.

Rushing into another relationship when you are not over your last one is not only unfair to that badder bitch with the fatter ass or the taller better looking nigga you getting, but most importantly it's unfair to you. I've learned this the hard way many times. I've rushed into relations just to ease the pain of losing someone and all that did was make me into a monster and hurt people. Then right after you hurt that next person, you may think it's time to just be single and have hoes and after awhile you realize having hoes brings an even lonelier feeling than not having any at all. You're renting person after person and all that is doing in the long run is making you less and less confident in your ability to find someone you can actually see yourself building with.

After repeating this cycle over and over and not getting good results I thought to myself there has to be another way to handle getting over a breakup. Because doing to same thing over and over and expecting different results is labeled as Insanity

Realizing this after my last breakup, instead of going through another stage of being a monster, I decided to take things slow and work on the most important person. Myself. Even if it's not your fault the person that left you is gone, you still should be working on yourself. Rather it's being more prepared for a new relationship or looking at your own flaws, realize no one is perfect and that includes yourself. Working on yourself is a everyday journey. You take steps forward and steps backwards daily, but it's something that is necessary when you are alone if you plan on giving the next person the best version of you. I took this approach and it was the best move I could've done. I've worked on myself and now as I head back into the relationship world which is similar to a fight, I'm heading into the fight with a light saber as oppose to a spatula. Prepared for anything.

So next time you go through a break up, I want you to think to yourself.. Do I want to rush and get into another relationship half broken? Or do I want to get some hoes which is just a temporary thrill and end up unsatisfied and lonely? OR do I want to take time, work on myself and be better prepared for whatever my next relationship is going to give me.



Your call.


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