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May 12th - | @Kendrakenotnice |

My name is Ahmad, ya'll know me as @kendrakenotnice, i am 18 and this is my story. 


From the start of this year I been suffering through depression, I tried many things to get over it but nothing worked to be honest until may12th, I met this girl on Twitter and she basically changed my life to the better like completely better, at first we were friends, we were working on songs together then we met the second day, I was nervous as fuck cause she was the first girl that i meet up with since 2014 so we hanged out at Starbucks then we drove around for hours. So after a couple of weeks we talked everyday so i started catching feelings towards her so i told her about it she told me i can’t now because she just got out from a relationship so she said let’s be “friends with benefits” i was ok with it, we fucked around a couple of times and day by day things are changing to the better of course, she called me everyday, she can’t sleep until she hears my voice it maybe corny to some people but that’s when you know a girl really likes you, so one day i was driving and she called me, she said “Ahmad I wanna tell you something, im ready” man when she said that i was the happiest 18 year old on this earth i still can’t forget that day, we hang out literally everyday we didn’t see our families like it was so great, we were so in love and happy, we spent on each other and sometimes i take care of her she gave me everything and i gave her everything, we had plans that we were gonna get married, I told my mom about her yeah it was that serious, but on July 1st man i hate that day and talking about this, I did something wrong and stupid that i shouldn’t have done no I didn’t cheat, it was something really complicated it only happens in the middle east i'm not gonna say what happened, so we broke up the same day and i broke down like a 5 year old, I didn’t sleep for weeks, I had flashbacks i still do, we talked and we became friends only but baby girl was getting through something and i helped her basically took care of her nobody else did not even her father, but things got worse and i lost her again now i can’t even talk to her until she be studying abroad. 
People don’t understand how much this girl means to me, I still love her I will always do that’s how i was raised word to the boy, I basically lost everything since she was gone I don’t know where to go with my story I just want to see this girl happy and not be mistreated, I hope she’s ok and safe. 

Take Care. Baby. 
- kendrake

@cierraanise - Peace of Mind

@cierraanise - Peace of Mind

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