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Is It Bad - @WeirdoInCharge1

Is It Bad - @WeirdoInCharge1

Is it bad that I miss you?

Is it bad that I wanna kiss you?

Is it bad that I ignore everyone saying that I should diss you?

Is it bad that I still have pictures of you in my phone?

Is it bad that I feel like we're nowhere near done?

Is it bad that everytime when I think of you I don't feel so alone?

Is it bad that I have my thumbs set to call you just to hear your voice?

Is it bad that I fantasize you answering so I can have some type of rejoice?

Is it bad when I fall asleep I always picture you in my mind?

Or is it bad that when I do dream it's not you every single time?

Do you wonder if I'm okay?

Do you believe the words I say?

Do you truly have any idea of how bad I wanna be around you?

We don't gotta be touching,

We could just be chilling, striking a pose,

Or maybe even catching up with our favorite television shows.

Open up your heart to me, keep those legs closed,

Wait, so I can confess how this mind unfolds.

If I let these words flow the right way,

I won't have to worry about my mind blowing across the driveway.

In this cold world, I'll be stuck alone,

And crazy enough I'm still stuck in the FriendZone.

Is this really my destination?

Seems like Dr. Love gave up on this patient.

What's the point of love when there's no one to show that determination?

But is this really how I wanna set the tone, because I heard I'm "too kind" to act as hard as stone.

I don't mean to act cold but I wrestle with some thoughts too.

"We could still friends, dont be a stranger. I'm here if you ever wanna talk."

No thanks, I put in too much work to be seen as a dude who's favorite hobby is to stalk.

Too bad I'm neck deep in my feelings that I can't walk.

Seeing each other unexpectedly leaves you at "Oh man, this is awkward" or "Damn this feels kinda weird".

Meanwhile, I'm stuck on trying to make time go backward & catch your attention by growing out a beard.

You probably think I hate you.

I don't hate but I don't forget either.

Don't worry about it, time will be the best healer.

Just gotta make the bottom of this bottle look a little clearer.

I should probably go, I hate feeling like someone's hurting.

Turns out I'm the one in this room who has become the burden.

Maybe I Should've - @cierraanise

Maybe I Should've - @cierraanise

Twilight to Dusk - @Outlaws2005

Twilight to Dusk - @Outlaws2005