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To Be Seen and Not Heard - @dawwniee

To Be Seen and Not Heard - @dawwniee

Your words Became the bars of my jail cell

Locked in solitary, and your careless hands lost the keys

Every time you spoke the walls got closer and closer and closer,

compressing my bones,

crushing my body trying to squeeze out my soul

Until I could barely breath in the small space you allowed me to exist in.

Every time you spoke, your hands wrapped tighter and tighter around my neck so I couldn't get a single word out

And you saw the tears in my eyes,

you saw the fear in my eyes,

you saw the will to live leave my eyes

And all you cared about spreading your lies.

and people only listened cause you talk so damn loud and maybe that's why you never heard me.

maybe if i had used a different tone,

i would’ve rattled the bars and you’d notice

maybe the walls would've whispered to you about how they need space too

But would you have listened to it's whispers project over my screams telling you to leave me alone ?

Would you listen if I had been more sure of myself?

If you hadn't broken me down to shards to glass like how you left my heart scattered on the carpet.

Maybe if I had been whole and didn't pour everything I had into you I'd still have something left of myself,

maybe if you didn't take everything I am and throw it out the third story window when the light turned green to make sure it was really gone,

I'd have some fight left in me.

Maybe then I would've left the cage when you left the door open that one time,

but by then, all I wanted was for you to finish what you started,

completely destroy the fragments you left behind,

leave my shards of glass as a powder on the sidewalk so the wind could carry me

and I could be what I felt like,

absolutely nothing floating away.

People only hyped you cause I was your girl and I don't understand how somebody could abuse that privilege

Guess I was just your trophy, meant to be seen and not heard.



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