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Who's Deserving - @Cadello_

Who's Deserving - @Cadello_

I loved more then once only to be broken

I tried to fix it twice only to keep hoping 

Of your return but you live and learn 

Love isn't something you deserve 

It's something that you earn

Have you ever loved someone with all your heart 

Pull up all the pieces for it to fall apart 

Doesn't it kill you cause you were there from the start 

Who would of thought it would be like that 

You switched up on me, when you said you'd be right back 

Now I'm stuck trying to figure out why it was never me 

You say its always love but yet you always leave 

I've been that nigga that would ride for you 

I've even been that nigga that has lied for you 

I've done it all I even cried for you 

I've never disrespected you 

I've never neglected you 

I always tried to put you first and always tried-protecting you 

But still you choose them grimy niggas over me 

So that shows what your love for me really means 

Now your caught up in the new life 

 I wonder what I can do right 

But still it's never enough 

Trying to love someone with no reciprocal only makes it tough 

But if I ain't the one then Who deserves your love 

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Classified Details - (@WeirdoInCharge1 )

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