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Happiness Came From Another State.. - @IAmGearyandre

Happiness Came From Another State.. - @IAmGearyandre

Happiness came From Another State..


The state could have been depression


The other state could have been next door to you


Depression held me back, and like every cloudy day the sun finds a way to break thru.


The sun Broke down the Cloudy days I used to have. Gave me a reason to look out the window and know the sun rays are bound to break thru.


This state of happiness turned into me thinking I'm forever in debt with you and have to repay you with every ounce of love I have in my body.


Cloudy days don't exist when I see you, I hope when you're reading this that the words look like Arrows of love getting shot at you.


Cupid never flew thru a storm to supply love, he waited until it was clear and sunny to fly freely.


I  magine C delivering your happiness during a storm. That just means the love was worth getting too.


E ffortlessly, whenever it is a cloudy day I smile because one day you will be there to be my sunshine.


Reality of my happiness seemed like it was another lifetime away.


Regret nothing that came with finding the State of Happiness


Actually, this is my letter of gratitude to you.


"Weather Or Not" - @PaulTheEsquire

"Weather Or Not" - @PaulTheEsquire

Classified Details - (@WeirdoInCharge1 )

Classified Details - (@WeirdoInCharge1 )