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Classified Details - (@WeirdoInCharge1 )

Classified Details - (@WeirdoInCharge1 )

There's no telling why I feel like this,

Feeling guilty but more like shit,

I could say I'm stressed out & take a hit

Or maybe say "I give up" and that'll be it.

"Rob you stupid as hell, Too funny"

You might be right cuz I still feel like a dummy.

Being laughed at, probably used as a lesson,

Then again I shouldn't complain cuz life is a blessing.

But also, Life is a bitch and Death is her distant cousin.

Isn't sleep the cousin of Death, which means they're all related?

So I was sleeping with life, making it my wife,

When she didn't know, I cheated on Death to be with her, then I realized Life was the best.

Talk about a coincidence,

Hopefully if I keep talking, I could gain some confidence.

Or maybe off of this I might go big,

Then everyone will know who the Intellectual Weirdo is, ya dig?

Trust me, I'm alright, I'm a lil okay.

Just wanted to express my thoughts thru a non-acting play.

Yeah, I'm the hero but I'm also my own archenemy,

Yet someone told me that therapy would be the remedy.

This place in my mind's running wild,

If I wasn't so upset, I would've just smiled

Not sure what my past brought but

I know I'm having Scattered Thoughts.

Maybe I should end this in a happy manner,

To leave your mind wondering upon this glamour.

Before you go on & get ready to peel,

The same hammer that shatters glass, forges steel.

That went from depressing to a lil inspirational,

Got my insides feeling a lil sensational.

After saying that, I might be able to tell the future like a rock & roll legend, call me Hendrix

Take the U out my last name & put me the military, then you can call the dude eating Drumsticks.

As a big guy that maintains a good mood,

I loved that last line like it was cooked food.

If you laugh at the fact that I'm bigger than you, go head get all giggly,

But no one wants to see this Teddy bear to go grizzly.

Let me log off this before my feelings prevail,

Now you know what goes on in my Classified Details.

Happiness Came From Another State.. - @IAmGearyandre

Happiness Came From Another State.. - @IAmGearyandre

Who's Deserving - @Cadello_

Who's Deserving - @Cadello_