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Internal America - @TonyTone32_


United nation, home of the beautiful, land of the free, but that's ironic since expensive ugliness is in heavy abundance. Nation of opportunity & equality, but that's ironic since poverty & discrimination are in heavy abundance. Looked up to by so many but we down play, degrade, & demean ourselves.


Stand together as one, but that's ironic since we're divided in the fall. Patriotic only during the 9/11disaster, we are hypocritical to our own values. We fight for World Peace with a loaded piece, & then wonder why no one respects what we speak. Supposed to be a family but we constantly kill each other. Poor rich people unwilling to pay more for the benefit of those with less; rich poor people content with government assistance & taking from the hardworking.


 All together as one body, everyone is equal, but that's ironic since sickening healthy people make a Heart Transplant procedure for a 7 year old child, incomprehensibly expensive. Strangers in their own home, have so much but nothing to call their own, because the government runs the nation & they make it known. Bloody Red, Blank White, Miserable Blue, & a bunch of Stars; how perfectly our flag represents us. See, I love this country & what it provides, but I hate the evil that resides inside...

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