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What Is Love? ( By: @Bon_VoydaJ)

What Is Love? ( By: @Bon_VoydaJ)

What is love?

Okay so no one actually know what love is, it's everybody's opinion right?

SO! I've turned the word "LOVE" into an acronym as well as different levels of "love" so to speak. SUPER EASY TO UNDERSTAND I PROMISE. Okay first up, yup you guessed it!  L.

L- love expressed through pure lust. Always the first stage that sexual attraction.

O- obsession, love expressed through blaintaint obsession or just wanting to be around the person and or the idea of being with the lover.

V-value, love expressed through the value of which relationship is stronger , the friendship , or the partner ship. And last, but not least:

E- evaluate . Now this is when you look over letters L through V to see if each one makes sense to the situation you are in. Each letter is a level of love. Have you reached or surpassed each level of love? Thats the evaluation. So If you L.O.V.E someone you'll know.- daJ

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