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Memoir... - (@dbmhAP)




all i wanted in a girl, i met her before

righteously sound and a smile to adore

identical to a queen, and i was lucky to know her

attempted to make me her king, now I’m merely her joker

nonetheless she’s still around, so I’m praying that in time

absolutely infatuated with the thought of her being mine

romance after romance, i let slip through my grasp

our memories were once vivid, now just figments of the past

new love may come, but if i may… i recommend

if you love something let it go, if it comes back.. let it go again


- @DJ_PaulyT

"Skeleton In Her Closet" - @PaulTheEsquire

Just a Girl I Knew - @JaceBDeleon

Just a Girl I Knew - @JaceBDeleon