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Just Out of Reach - @dbmhAP

Just Out of Reach - @dbmhAP

 " if you love something, let it go... if it comes back, let it go again... " -  @dbmhAP

 "if you love something, let it go... if it comes back, let it go again..." - @dbmhAP

she spoke a good game, i bought into the dream she sold me

even knowing i’m only one of her one & onlys

being who i am, never wanting to leave her lonely

seeing who she is, after all of the signs she showed me

ignoring them all, but only because she told me

naive to the motions & changes & lies before me

felt the shift in emotions so all the fault is on me

for wanting to continue a situation solely

on potentially having a queen, though it’s remotely

the closer we get the harder it is for you to be found

trying to catch you falling but my feet are out of bounds

calling for explanation but silence the only sound

crazy how loud silence can be when no one is around

she was someone so divine, someone who’ll never be mine

someone so elegant, someone i thought was heaven sent

someone who played the game so well it wasn’t a game

someone who dragged me through hell & back, am i insane

because i chose to come down this path & then i came

said we should slow down so i'm steady, pumping the brakes

you eased into stop while i’m heading into a lake

keeping it together so no one can say ‘i told you…’

not a loss on my end, just a situation that molds you

i'd do it all again, but i'd keep one in the chamber

prepared for any curves thrown & any type of changeup

fight for it all you want but just accept it when it's over

cause some situations don’t end with any closure

- @dbmhAP

"Unheard" Calls for Help - @Kingfrom97

"Unheard" Calls for Help - @Kingfrom97

"Weather Or Not" - @PaulTheEsquire

"Weather Or Not" - @PaulTheEsquire