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"Unheard" Calls for Help - @Kingfrom97

"Unheard" Calls for Help - @Kingfrom97

I have heard and seen it all

From murders to suicides

To impregnated mothers who beat up, stomp out, and choke their drugs

Until they are too high to realize that the truth lies.

The truth? “Everything is alright.”

That was the lie

I live in a city where there will be plus 15 murders by tonight

Even where the sun seems to shine the brightest, a dark sky seems to keep haunting us

Gun and liquor stores on every other corner

I feel like I am trapped in a movie where the genre is horror


I fall asleep to gunshots and wake to balling mothers

I fall asleep to gunshots and wake up to an older brother with nothing but revenge on his mind

searching for the motherf**cker that killed his little brother

Visions of boarded up windows, empty gun shells, and yellow tape in framed in the back of my membrane

Last night I had to explain to this kid named James that his daddy was shot in his brain and he was never going to see him again, no way he could process this level of pain

I know my mama always told me to never use the lord's name in vain, but GODDAMN this shit is insane

Don’t ask me if I’m mad, I AM PISSED.


It’s like Iraq out here, I had a little boy approach me with a 9 and he was only 9

I asked him “why are you doing this little man?” He answered “I thought you were going to try to take what was mine.”

I asked “What would I take?”

He answered “My life.”

At this point I lost all hope

or was it because I sighted my old friends slanging dope

You see this ain’t no joke

Just when i wrote that line a little girl got hit by a stray bullet while playing jump rope


It seems to keep occurring to me “either people don’t know, don’t show, or don’t care about what’s going on in the hood.”


But while I’m sittin’ here contemplating the fact that I might die tomorrow, people outside this war think it’s all good

The war is at home, not overseas, it’s right here in my backyard.

*PAP PAP PAP* RIP Tyree Harris(Chicago), 18, shot three times in the back while playing cards

How can you solve others problems when we have yet to solve our own?

30% of these kids don't live to see their days fully grown

Because either they don't see the sun at Solar noon or they don’t live past 21

Shout out to all of those who represent :power: in our nation, from Brack trickling down to the courtroom in town

You’ll finally see the turmoil that you heard about when the sun goes down.

This isn’t the voice of me

This isn’t the voice of the struggling kids in Newark, Chicago, Detroit, Oakland, and even New Orleans

I did not write this, the kids in the slums did

They just had no one to tell it to.

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