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Difference - @KingFrom97

Difference - @KingFrom97

The struggles that come with being a man 

Are unknown to those who are not 

The weight of the world on our shoulders

Heavier than boulders, wanna crack under pressure but they tell me “that’s not man like, be bolder”

“Hold it together, don’t show emotion”

“Be the one to break up the commotion”

“All the time, any time be dedicated with devotion”

It’s beginning to have me folding 

But still i stand still like feet under sand in the ocean

“Be the hunter” they said 

“Be the gunner” they said

“Be the one to stay numb when the thunder comes” they said 

What if i want to be into the comics?

And hang out with the gothics?

And drink liquor on the beach that taste like cool breeze in the tropics?

Ok Ok stop it, now we’re getting off topic 

See the peace, create the peace, be the peace like Muhammed 

I just want to have options 

Not all of us lift weights

Not all of us are jocks 

Not all of us stand on the block checking out asses grabbing our…(stop)

The point is, let me be the man i see i am 

Not exactly like so and so 

Shoot, learn before you judge, it’s always the way to go.

Traveling - @PaulTheEsquire

Traveling - @PaulTheEsquire

Tik Tok - (@thankyoucfletch)

Tik Tok - (@thankyoucfletch)