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Tik Tok - (@thankyoucfletch)

Tik Tok - (@thankyoucfletch)

Tick Tock , Tick Tock

Another black man shot

Tick Tock , Tick Tock

Donald Trump sends the U.S into shock

I’m astonished, by all of America's accomplishments.

But we can’t seem to treat people fair,

Splitting families between the borders we share.

Black man reaching for his wallet,

Instead a bullet to the body stop it.

The United States the land of the free,

Or possibly the land of white supremacy.

Be happy you make it to twenty-one,

days are often numbered if your black momma told her son.

No one should be beneath one another because of their skin color.

I guess we reap what we sow, but god if a cop takes my life let em’ know that I’m not gangbangin’ I’m just trying to get home, momma worried bout me so she’s calling my phone.

I shouldn’t be talking on the topic as i am, growin’ up in America well i hope i still can .

White, black , dark , light , being total opposites is all right.

It’s bad that because of my skin , Imma stereotypical trend

It’s sad that to make it here you’ve gotta go to college,

but yet Trump is president with no political knowledge.

I hope the next few years America doesn't crash , In the U.S i feel we’re still living in the past.

Difference - @KingFrom97

Difference - @KingFrom97

Poems4u - @rarimavis

Poems4u - @rarimavis