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Traveling - @PaulTheEsquire

Traveling - @PaulTheEsquire

I look at you like you were bigger than any city, yet you were smaller than the world.

Not just a one day adventure or a weekend getaway.

But worthy of a lifetime of moments.

Similar to a town.

One I never visited or heard of.

But had a familiar feeling as if I've passed through you many times and built memories the size of skyscrapers and monumental like statues in your image.

This place is emblazoned with your name.

As I drive during this time through these roads in my mind, I see a sign that says: Welcome.

Like you're a permanent fixture.

You're not a hotel, you're a home.

You're not whiskey, you're wine.

You're not a rainy day, you're water that I needed to grow beyond this garden called life.

I drove here with not a single expectation.

Mileage of memories.

Road signs showing directions towards love encompassed with no compass.

And all that I hoped was that you would read this map and meet me here and feel the same familiar setting as I.

Instead, you chose to make a vacation out of me.

Resorted to make me a resort of sorts to distort your lack of happiness into brief moments of bliss.

You found elation in exploring unfamiliar territory.

In discovering places on the map of love that you only dreamed of visiting.

Each kiss.

And once you got your opportunity to board that Relation Ship, only if for a brief moment, you would take advantage of that experience.

Meanwhile, I still searched for that familiarity of that town that you seemed to be to me.

I got lost on roads and one way streets hoping to meet you on the corner of avenues.

Like meeting in a town.

Not just a weekend getaway or a one day adventure.

You were bigger than any city.

Yet you were comfortable with being smaller than the world.

War In My Mind - @EricTheWriter

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Difference - @KingFrom97

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