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The Love Copier & The Time Machine Broke.. - @TheeSoat

The Love Copier & The Time Machine Broke.. - @TheeSoat




The handy man above can't even fix this..


You fucked up badly.. worse than anyone has ever..


Now you trying to build this machine to recreate..


Recreate what he had once..


Your calculations according to your data is to come back around and try to be the wrench to all my loose screws.


Your data is a few years late..


But Somebody already fixed them..


They updated my system and gave me the new update..


The Time Machine won't work cause something's can't be replicated once they gave you their all on the first go around..


Followed up by


The love copier doesn't exist.. It got lost in a black hole of our history..


Gave you my all now you wanna copy the love...


I don't know how to duplicate my love once you had it once before



It's a past tense love now..


The little guy with the Diaper, Bow  & wings can't fix this

Genes On Our Side - @Virtue2o3

Genes On Our Side - @Virtue2o3

Untitled - @AsToldByMeagan

Untitled - @AsToldByMeagan