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"Flower Power" By: @Nalexxaa

"Flower Power" By: @Nalexxaa

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I want you to look me in my eyes and stare into my soul.

Tell me how much I mean to you as I take off my clothes.

Kiss you all over up and down from head to toe.

Open my legs and let your tongue reveal my gold.

Wrapping my legs around your waist ‘cause the room got cold.

Sweat dripping down my back in the grip of your hold.

Sheets getting messy, we’re out of control.

Sucking and biting and holding you close.

Looking back into your eyes, thinking are we doing the most?

While your lips hit my hips, you got me whipped.

Feeling the pressure of you against my walls.

Wanting to give you my all.

Sun rising still wanting more.

Birds tweeting while I moan.

As I go down, you start to groan.

Releasing your energy into my flower.

Thinking damn he’s taking away my power.

Don't Stare - @JaceBDeleon

Don't Stare - @JaceBDeleon

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