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And Back - @cierraanise

And Back - @cierraanise

 You catch my eye every time I see you

 I’m constantly in awe  

Once in a blue, you’re gone.

The “day” in my night, your light’s so bright

I’m always looking up to your beauty, and the way you shine.

 You’re always there for me you see?

I can always count on seeing you if need be

My first true love, I’m inspired by you.

You bring beauty to the darkest of worlds

And I love the way your wind blows through my curls.

Beauty lies within your sounds, even when you’re hidden behind clouds.

You are my peace, my soul lies within

As I float in the reflection of your light, your waters soften my skin.

My mind too, I’m at home when I see you.

As we lie here, while your breeze blows by, and your stars fly,

All I see is myself, in your eyes.

The eyes that are here every night, blazing amongst you and I.

I look out for you every night and who do I see,

Your surface is your purpose.

& your blinding beauty is worth it.

So I, I, love you.

I love you to....

‘june nineteenth’ - @dbmhAP

‘june nineteenth’ - @dbmhAP

Don't Stare - @JaceBDeleon

Don't Stare - @JaceBDeleon