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Don't Stare - @JaceBDeleon

Don't Stare - @JaceBDeleon

Don’t stare into the sunshine

It’s way too bright

Don’t stare too long

For you’ll never forget the light

My sunshine

Came to me

On a day it only poured rain

I thought it’d never set

I hoped it would never go away

I woke up this morning


All I wanted to see

But all there was were grey skies

The light had abandoned me

Where is my sunshine

The days feel as dark as ever

Does it shine elsewhere

When will it get better


Outside it may be gloomy

And dark clouds may mar the blue

But yet I search

In hopes of finding you

They say there will be a new light

That the darkness will leave my core

But I stared into the sunshine

And now I see no more.

And Back - @cierraanise

And Back - @cierraanise

"Flower Power" By: @Nalexxaa

"Flower Power" By: @Nalexxaa