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‘june nineteenth’ - @dbmhAP

‘june nineteenth’ - @dbmhAP

we were in it in to win it until i screwed it up

so willing to do it all, i wouldn’t do enough

put all her trust inside of me, i blew it up

say whatever, i’ll make it up, but i never budged

cause it was love… 

well shit, i think it was...

i can’t get pass the past, it’s all i’m thinking of 

thinking of ending it all and never waking up

won’t see a therapist cause i’m too busy taking drugs

‘til i feel nothing except the feeling of feeling numb

feeling dumb, over it, but i’m still sprung

cause it was love… 

and anyone could see that...

i hope he makes you happy & i really mean that

hope you get to read this & send me some feedback

a smothering that i loved, but nowhere to breathe at

you got me to stop drugs, we split & i relapsed 

i still love you, always, but mentally detached 

though i miss the many ways you would help me relax 

mini panic attacks, you knew just how to ease that

cause it was love...

and it turned to a mess...

a night i’ll always remember & i’ll always regret

can we rewind time to night we met 

a starry sky with bright lights flying ahead

take me back to March, when there was still a rush

or the nineteenth of june, it was only us

shining star, heaven’s grace, you’ll always amaze me

you’re irreplaceable, you let someone replace me

but it was love... 

well shit, i thought it was...


"Marked" by: @Chequise_VI

"Marked" by: @Chequise_VI

And Back - @cierraanise

And Back - @cierraanise