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"Marked" by: @Chequise_VI

"Marked" by: @Chequise_VI


The smell of your aroma 

The taste of your lips. 

I wonder the things God was thinking when he created a man like this. 

Gentle touches, perfect smile. 

My legs quiver from your presence. 

The insides of my divine come flooding down. Pressure buss pipe. Diamonds, I visualized 

Gazing into your eyes. 

Orgasmic having you by my side. 

Mesmerizing, breath taking 

How can I not want you to be mine? 

I’ll let you in... raw & uncut. 

No gloves. No rubber. 

The natural way. My soul

Urges to feel your touch. 

All your flaws , the mistakes 

For goodness sake ; I love you. 

Hope you can relate. 

Just for a moment the world is ours to take. I’ll be yours. You’ll be mine. 

Magical sex. The memory of it 

Will last a lifetime. 

‘june nineteenth’ - @dbmhAP

‘june nineteenth’ - @dbmhAP