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NFL Playoff Preview & Expectations - @OverCurved

NFL Playoff Preview & Expectations - @OverCurved

Ok guys (and the beautiful women that love the game we see you). The season is coming to an end and this is good news for all of us even if your team is not going to the playoffs. As some of yall know, Playoffs is where real teams come to play.  This is my take on the playoff picture soon to come. Your team not on this list? I can’t relate #GMEN Welp unlike bdells twitter lists this one is relevant so.... let’s get started,


Patriots (12-2): Great as usual; serious super bowl contenders. Lead by Tom “Billy GOAT” Brady. I see no team that can beat them in the playoffs except the Giants in the super bowl which I think it might come down to. Pats fans will enjoy the next two weeks laughing at other fans who are praying for their teams to clinch a play-off berth. (So coming from me a giants fan I say FUCK YALL in advance.


Dolphins (10-5): Congratulations yall clinched the playoffs! That’s all this team will do tho. I don’t see them going past the second round in the playoffs. They are riding on their defense which they are good on the line thanks to Suh and Mario. Defenses wins championships but only that will not get you to the championship. In short, they are low-key lucky to be here. They are a great value version of the Giants except without the magic. And In Tannehill we don’t Trust *wink*


Steelers (10-5): I was disappointed when they clinched a spot because the Steelers in the playoffs is a problem for any team. I see them going far maybe even the big dance if something brazy happens. Big ben has been here before so we can expect him to deliver the question is will the rest of the AFC compete when they face him. The defense should also deliver per usual. Harrison gon Harrison. Men of steel will give us a solid playoff run book it.

Texans (9-6): They are not that good. Is this JJ watts first playoff appearance. They are a mediocre team representing a poor division. Jadeveon Clowney is apparently “ok” but he and JJ will not get this squad past a playoff game in addition to the struggles they have on the offensive side. I see them as a “one and done” book it.

Raiders (12-3): Great Great Grrrreat season made the deserving people of Oakland and fans from all over the world proud to be a Raider. Al Davis is Smiling down on this organization *tears up a lil* sadly Carr got hurt so this run is going to be harder than ever Amari Cooper been holding it down and Carr and that is something to be really proud off. Khalil Mack is amazing on the defensive side, solid baller and rough. He shows a lot of hope for the future. Sadly Carr is out for the season so this could really cripple the raiders chances (unless back up QB Matt McGloin can channel his inner 2013 Colin Kaepernick and have a great run). AGAIN BIG BIG S/O to the day one Raider fans not the band wagons. Y'all deserve this. 


Chiefs (11-4): Beside Jack Del Rio and Ben McAdoo, Andy Reid is the undisputed coach of the year. He is a coach that in my opinion is taking for granted in this league think about it this is the same league that will forgive Chip Kelly for single handedly destroying a team for years to come and barely give Andy another team smh. But anyway Andy Reid consistently brings his team to the playoffs and you can take that to canton. I see them doing ok in the playoffs and Kelce is a solid vet so I know he’s going to show out and produce.

Cowboys (13-GIANTS): How bout them? As a Giants Fan, I will not speak too much about them.  They had a great year and two great picks one of which should be the league MVP but they cancel each other out. Dak attack is strong and Zeke is that dude. But the playoffs is a different type of game and they are rookies on thing about the playoffs is that being there before is a key ingredient to success. Plus the silly rumors of Romo playing in these next games is crazy smh. To sum it up, the cowboys will eventually take an L before the Superbowl. And since we are dreaming it might even be to the giants. But good season tho!


GIANTS (10-5): For those that know a lil sum bout this game we call football Ion gotta say much yah feel me brah!? But for those naive Pats fans and people around the league Imma leave it @ Disssss:

1.Defense wins championships

2.The last time the Giants were in the playoffs we brought home the hardware

3.The last time the GMEN were in the wildcard we brought home the Lombardi (that’s the super bowl trophy for those of you fans who are unfamiliar with that cause you cape for trash teams).

4.Pat fans on my TL and in my mentions Mark me wordz: “If we do not learn from history we are doomed to repeat it”.

5.You can never count us out of a game and we don’t lose easy

Packers/Lions (9-6): Packers know what they are doing when they get to the playoffs. Jim Caldwell has been through a lot this season and needs a rest. There is no way he can coach this lions team in the playoffs. So basically we have two teams still fighting for the division and a spot in the playoffs stay tuned. Green bay has been here before so they’re are most likely going to be the best bet for that division but like I said, we will find out soon Stay tuned.

Falcons (10-5): Don’t get your hopes up. They division was not that good so it was almost easy winning it this year. They are not leaving this tournament with a Superbowl victory but they will leave respected. The Falcons are just not meant to be in the Superbowl. I don’t see them losing in their wildcard game unless they play a team like the giants which it looks like it is coming down to.

Seahawks (9-5-1): When you are in a division with the Rams, Cardinals and 49ers you should make the playoffs in your sleep and that’s just what the Seahawks did! They have been Zzzz all season. Their record could be better according to their standards I hope they are saving what they got for the playoffs because this season has been weird they lost early in the season to the Rams who didn’t even score a TD that game. Even with their defense, I honestly don’t see them getting to the big dance.

Conclusion: I hate to cast lots but in my opinion there is only four teams that I think are contenders, (Pats, Steelers, Giants and the Cowboys) in a perfect world the match up will be Pats and cowboys but you never know with the Giants and the men of steel in the tournament. If you agree/disagree.. Who cares? Comment below tho Ill reply on here don’t @ me on twitter especially if your avi is a cartoon character lol alright y'all Thanks and take care. Bet.

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