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Congrats To Lebron - (@DAMNIDWC)

 I saw it. You saw it. The whole world saw it. Le "Bron Bron" James (and the Cleveland Cavaliers) made history. First team in NBA Finals history to come back from 3-1 and win. First team to knock off a 73-9 team in the playoffs.

First player to lead all players on each team in all categories. So much history was made Sunday. So congrats to Lebron James. You earned it my guy.

Finals MVP. It's one story, however, that no one is talking about. One narrative nobody seems to mention... Well I'm here to mention it.

History was made and that's great and all but one little flaw about Bron Bron remains: he never won a ring without D Wade in the building.

See on that faithful night, game 7 in Oakland, the whole world watching as history would be made either way, 

D Wade stopped by to support his side kick Bron Bron in his quest for his own ring this time. D Wade's presence was the 4 point difference in a Cavaliers victory. So while Lebron is the Finals MVP, the question I pose is... Will he ever do it without Wade? The world may never know... Or will we?

... Oh yeah... One last thing... *cues "Fuck Bron Bron"* 


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